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You can be a part of history by submitting materials to the WFTF program! WFTF welcomes all emails, digital photographs, and letters with non-sensitive information sent between service members and their families or friends. This can be a copy or an excerpt from an email or letter previously sent to the family at home, a photograph from the Middle East region, or a letter written specially to document a service member's time overseas.

The families of service members are also invited to participate by sharing any emails or letters sent or received, or by writing their own essays reflecting their thoughts, opinions, and emotions while a family member is away.

To participate, simply forward copies of emails or digital photographs to the email address below. Electronic materials also can be submitted on CD, as well as originals or photocopies of letters and photographs, by mailing them to the address below. Identifying information about the background of the authors is helpful and appreciated.

NOTE: By sending email, images, and other electronic information, you give permission to the SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum to reproduce the image and/or email or any other WFTF correspondence for purposes of display and/or reproduction in all Museum programs and projects.  The print-out(s) will be added to the Museum's WFTF archives and may be used in various ways by the Museum including exhibitions, publications, websites, audio-visual productions, and educational programs.

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