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The organizations listed here provide military-based resources, information, and links, both local and national. These sites are not operated by the SC Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum.
Generations of Heroes
This SCETV website includes video interviews of soldiers who have served in various wars, WWI to the current War on Terror.















Operation Hometown Link
This service, hosted at the House of Praise Church in
Lexington County, allows soldiers and families to 
communicate via video phone links. Email
phonehome@sc.rr.com or call (803) 359-0292
 to schedule an appointment. 
The Freedom Calls Foundation facilitates free video
conference communications between deployed soldiers 
and their families. 
The "Lets Say Thanks" program allows you to send 
free postcard greetings to service members stationed 
With VoiceQuilt, a service member's family and friends 
can record messages for him or her to listen to in a 
variety of formats: online, digital music player, or a 
keepsake box that plays the recordings.
This initiative seeks to preserve letters that have been 
written in times of war by soldiers and civilians from 
around the world.
The Museum of Patriotism created Project Video Connect
where family and friends of soldiers can send a free video 
email to them wherever they are stationed. 
This is an organization of mothers who have lost children 
in military service. 
This organization of mothers currently have or had 
children in the military.
The Fort Jackson Museum is located on base in Columbia, SC.
The official website for Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC. 
The official website for the SC National Guard. 


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